abell builders on the mendocino coast

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Mendocino Coast Builder for Twenty Years

  • Comprehensive building services, foundation through finish
  • Property development, Design Services, Building Plans, Coastal Development Permit Services
  • One job at a time, one construction team, one client, and one objective: high performance and value for the dollar
  • Additions, Remodels, Repairs. Twenty years local references

Since 1989, Abell Builders has been known for our reliability, durability, organizational skills and sound management techniques. We have a reputation for quality, craftsmanship, clear business methods, and especially for facilitating the owner's wishes and sharing in their vision.

From the very start, we form a Partnership. An aspect of my expertise as a designer builder is an innate ability to visualize the finished project from the onset. The partnership with the client is key in this endeavor. Both sides of the team contribute via communication and feedback. I value and invite your participation, design input and changes all along the way.

We focus on one job at a time, one construction team, one client and one objective: high performance, value for dollar and attention to the many details that makes each project unique. What distinguishes us is that our construction expertise is matched by our design flexibility and people skills and that goes for all three Abell main staff. The invaluable partnership I have established with the long standing Abell team has proven to be critical to the success of Abell Builders. Since 1989 I have had a very small turnover in crew and for the last eight years the Abell team has consisted of the same three craftsman. Stamina, Stability, and a Good Disposition define the daily working morale at the jobsite.

Over the past 20 years Abell Builder's has successfully completed over 30 homes, structures and innumerable additions, remodels and repairs. I have managed approximately 10 million dollars in projects ranging in size from $10,000 to $1.5 million dollars. All projects have been completed free from liens or litigation of any kind. Working locally on coast over time, I have developed a longstanding partnership with the same top vendors, suppliers and veteran local construction experts, including Engineers and Architects. This is equivalent to twenty years of tested, on site experience with only reliable professionals. This has proven to guarantee efficiency, high quality, service and satisfaction.

Abell Builders has established a very good working relationship with the Mendocino County Planning, Building and Health departments. All of the Coastal Development Permit Applications I have managed have been successful with the California Coastal Commission. Lastly, we maintain Industry Standard comprehensive Liability Insurance and Workman's Compensation Insurance. Certificates matching these policies are required from all Subcontractors as well, prior to any work being performed.